The vine roots me with Nature. It is my point of reference, and I try to understand it, from the root to the grape. A daily challenge that never lets me stop learning, and that drives me.

Through greening, fruit trees and other plants, I try to interrupt the monoculture as well as I can. Unfortunately, this is not entirely possible - but it is a start.

With the terroir

Promoting Nature means also appreciating what you have. Thanks to the exposure (south/ south-west), our vineyards at 350-650 metres above sea level bathe in the sun from morning until late in the evening. Cultivation on the pergola and late defoliation protect our grapes from the heat. The cool breeze from the Ega Valley provides a noticeable acidity in our wine.

Throughout the year, we treat our vines with homemade teas made from nettle and dandelion to protect them naturally from diseases. Sparse, loamy soils on porphyry allow our vines to grow moderately and thus offer a balanced grape ripeness.