The place where everything comes together.

High up above Bolzano, in Cornedo, you can find Klaus and his winery HochKlaus. Not a picture-perfect winery, but an honest one. Wine & winemaker.

I waive all the bells and whistles and let Nature speak for me. To me, the winery is a natural cycle in which I interfere as little as possible. At last, there should be a product bustling with genuineness, honesty and vividity.

My parents set the ground for the vineyards. They have been cultivating them for years. I, Klaus, may continue to nurture them today, realising myself with my wines.

Day after day, I am thankful for the support of my family. It takes time, strength and a lot of nerves to look after a vineyard. Old and healthy plants make it a lot easier.


The winery is an ensemble of atmosphere, plants, animals and humans. An open drawing represents that on the label. The logo puts everything together in a circle (as a world).